2018 Student Workshops


REMEMBER: Girls will get to choose FIVE workshops workshops (in order of interest) and will then be placed in THREE of the five selected. Workshops have a maximum of 10 students to provide the girls with lots of interaction with the scientists leading the workshops.

MORE WORKSHOPS ARE COMING IN EVERY DAY!!! Check back often for updated lists!

ZOOLOGY - Discove a New Hawaiian Species! NEW THIS YEAR!
There are many species that remain undiscovered, especially in a biodiversity hotspot like Hawai’i.  Come learn how we identify and describe new species, and try your hand at drawing and naming two new species of mantis shrimp discovered here on Oahu.  In this workshop you will learn about how both different species, and different life history stages of the same species, look different from each other.  We will use microscopes to draw adult and larval forms of local mantis shrimp species, including two new species that haven’t yet been named!

ZOOLOGY - Ravenous Reptiles NEW THIS YEAR!
How do different organisms get their energy? You probably know that some make their own energy (i.e. plants) and some eat to gain energy (i.e. animals), but did you know we can actually track this flow of energy through a food chain? In this workshop, you will get to build food chains with native Hawaiian plants and animals. You will also explore how introducted animals, such as lizards, can disrupt the Hawaiian food chain and have the potential to alter ecosystems! You'll also get to take home a copy of a food chain card game to share your knowledge with your family and friends!

MARINE BIOLOGY - Playing Reef Tetris: What shapes do we find on coral reefs? NEW THIS YEAR!
Coral reefs are one of the most beautiful and biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. Some species, like sea fans, appear thin and delicate like lace, while others, like stony corals, appear to be just that - a rock! The variation in shapes and szies of these coral colonies reflet the role they play in the reef ecosystem. In this workshop, we will explore the intricacies of the coral reef community, from the microscoopic level to the larger scale ways that corals influence the environment around them. You will investigate what a coral looks like through the microscope, explore the fish that live among them, and even build your own reef community. Join us to learn about how all of the individual animals fit together to form a coral reef!

All matter exist in different forms (phases); solid, liquid or gas. Change between these phases requires energy. Students will observe a variety of chemicals in their natural phase and will manipulate these phases at a range of temperatures. From -108 degrees Fahrenheit to 3500 degrees Fahrenheit, ICE and FIRE!

MARINE BIOLOGY - A Fish Features - Make Your Own Deep-Sea Fish! NEW THIS YEAR!
Design your own deep-sea fish! In this workshop, you will learn about the common adaptations fish need to survive in the cold, dark and expansive deep sea. Drawing inspiration from real-life specimens, you will design and create your own fish, complete with a scientific name of your choosing. Whose fish will be the most likely to survive in the ocean’s depths…?

Do you know what it takes for a hurricane to form? Once a hurricane is formed, what determines its path and wheter it will make landfall? In this workshop you will create ideal hurricane conditions by changing the winds, latitue, moisture, and sea temperature in an interactive online game! Once you've created your very own hurricane, you will steer it towards land! Will it make landfall? Or will it avoid land and veer out to the open ocean, sparing the coasts?

MARINE BIOLOGY - The Great Phytoplankton Race NEW THIS YEAR!
In this workshop, you will learn about teh great diversity of microbial life that lives in the ocean. You will investigate strateies used by successful microorganisms to stay a float in the upper region of water (photic zone). You will work in teams to draw, design, build and test plankotnic organisms out of common everyday items. At the end of the workshops we will have a race to see which team designed the perfect planktonic microbe. Prizes will be awarded for the best racing design and you will be able to takeyour plankton home with you fo further refinement and testing. Sinking and floating are highly encouraged!

ASTRONOMY - Rocks from Outer Space! NEW THIS YEAR!
In this workshop, you will learn what meteorites are, where they come form (hint: outer space!), what they can tell us, and how to identify them! You will first learn how to use scientific terms to describe meteorites using EDIBLE rocks. You will then get to touch REAL Space Rocks and be able to sort real meteorites from meteor-wrongs (Earth rocks) by learning identification techniques. At the end of the workshop, you will have become a meteorite detective and you can start looking for your own space rocks!

ZOOLOGY (ORNITHOLOGY) - Birds in my Backyard
In this workshop you will learn about the different types of birds that live in Hawaii and your neighborhood. You will learn to identify birds by their colors and the sounds they make. Then, you will practice your new birding skills in the outdoors.

MARINE BIOLOGY - Under the Microscope: Hidden Life in a Splash of Sea Water
Did you know that there are a lot of life in just a drop of sea water? In this workshop you will get to see in the microscope lots of cool little LIVE creatures in sea water: the plankton!! You will be the scientist: together we will observe their size, body shape and how they move and by using pictures we will identify some of them! You will learn about their biology and importance! Plankton is always a surprise! You might see some baby fish, baby crabs, eggs and even baby jellyfish!

BOTANY - Fresh Flowers to Fleshy Fruits?
In this workshop, we will learn where flowers come from and how they provide the delicious fruits and veggies we love. We will walk outside (rain or shine!), pick flowers, smell flowers, and draw their parts. We will also talk about locally grown fruits and veggies and get to sample some of them! You will learn to observe and explore plants, and will learn all about their structures, just like a botanist.

MARINE BIOLOGY - Under Antarctic Ice with Giant Sea Spiders
Take a journey with us to the bottom of the world and explore the ocean beneath the frozen Antarctic Ice. Find out what weird organisms live in the coldest water on Earth and discover how these animals are able to survive in freezing water. Learn what it's like to live and work in Antarctica, including the change to try on some extreme cold weather gear that protects scientists as they conduct research in the frigid outdoors. In the workshop you will explore the different marine habitats and organisms of the Antarctic Ocean, find out what it's like to be a polar SCUBA diver, and learn how cold temperatures affect molecular movement You will also get the chance to see lots of giant Antarctic Sea Spiders and investigate how they are similar and different from the sea spiders we have in Hawaii  

Hawaii isn’t known for wacky weather, or is it? Learn about weather events that are rare, but can occur, in Hawaii like hail, fog, and more and why we don’t get to experience them often. You’ll learn when and where you’re more likely to experience these fun weather events!  You’ll decode the secrets of the skies by performing two hands-on experiments that you can do at home: create fog in a bottle and make your very own hail stone!

2018 Cool Career Panel

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