Do you want to run a Workshop?

We're only able to accept 15 workshops this year to get your form in early to be considered for leading a workshop!

Submit your workshop application by February 28th (Click this link)

The Expanding Your Horizons Conference is a unique opportunity for girls in grades 6 through 8 to engage in hands-on workshops in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) led by Hawaii's top scientists, engineers, and specialists. This event is designed to spark young girls’ enthusiasm for STEM careers, inform them of professions and opportunities, and encourage them to continue their studies in science and math.  

What is your role as a Workshop Leader?

You will be leading a 50-minute workshop for approximately ten participants. This is a chance for the girls not only to learn about science, but also about your life as a STEM professional! Your workshop will be offered up to three times, so please plan to provide supplies for up to thirty participants. Workshop leader involvement typically lasts from 8 am to 3 pm on the day of the event. The conference will take place on the UH Manoa campus on Saturday, April 21st, 2018.

How do you plan your workshop?

When applying to be a workshop leader, you will be asked for the following:

  • Workshop Title: Something short and fun! Girls will sign up for workshops that catch their eye.

  • Workshop Summary: A brief but colorful description of the workshop to help participants understand what the workshop is about. (Limit to 200 words).

  • Workshop Plan: A full description of the workshop, with a time budget for each section. As a suggestion, this plan can comprise three sections: Introduction (5-10 min), Activity (35-40 min), and Reflection (5 min). From past years, we have learned that the participants love getting their hands dirty, being out of their seats, and spending as much time as possible engaged in activity. With this in mind, please keep introductions short and refrain from using PowerPoint.

  • Facility/Supplies Special Considerations: Each workshop will be assigned to a traditional classroom (most likely in the Kuykendall building). Please state if your workshop requires special considerations such as access to laptops, water, or the outdoors. Projectors cannot be guaranteed and, as noted above, use of PowerPoint is discouraged. Workshops that leave the classroom will need to keep to the area around Kuykendall, with no crossing of streets. EYH can provide paper, printing services, and laptops. All other supplies will need to be provided by the workshop leader. Also please note that live animals will not be permitted in the workshops.

  • Team Member Contact Information: You are welcome to work in a team! The workshop is a great opportunity for girls to interact with female mentors at all stages in their career, from undergrad to postdoc.

  • Download the above info as a PDF: Workshop Leader Resource

  • Submit your workshop application by February 28th (Click this link)

  • Please email Jennifer Griswold at smalljen@hawaii.edu to inform her of your interest in running a workshop.

  • Selected workshop leaders will be notified by March 7th.



Jennifer Griswold
EYH Hawaii Chairperson
Email: smalljen@hawaii.edu       
Phone: 831-239-6529