Registration Opens March 7th, 2018

REGISTRATION OPEN TODAY VIA Google Doc! Our 3rd party registration system is still not up and running so we're taking matters into our own hands and starting to get girls registered with a Google Doc!

Please click on the link below to fill out the form. Rank your five favorite workshops (go to the workshop link for descriptions since they are not included in the Google Doc). Also, please make sure to download and fill out BOTH liability waivers (One for EYH and One for UH).


Liability and Media Waivers

In order to attend EYH Hawaii parents are required to fill out and submit a liability and media waiver. We will be posting the new waivers shortly.

NEW THIS YEAR! UH is requiring it's OWN Medical and Liability Waivers. THis means that we need TWO differen waivers for each child. One for EYH and one for UH.

EYH Liability Waivers

Download EYH Liability Waiver as PDF: 2018 EYH Waiver (.pdf)

Download EYH Liability Waiver in WORD: 2018 EYH Waiver (.docx)

UH Manoa Liability Waivers

Download UH Liability Waiver as PDF: 2018 UH Waiver (.pdf)

Download UH Liability Waiver in WORD: 2018 UH Waiver (.doc)

You email your both waivers to:

You can use USPS to mail your waivers to:

Dr. Jennifer Griswold
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
2525 Correa Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96822

Information for Registration

We'll be collecting some information for statistical purposes during the registraiton process. None of this information will ever be released to a 3rd party and is strictly to help us improve the conference and workshops from year to year. We'll need to know the following information:

  • Student Name - So we can prepare a personalized packet.
  • Student Address - So we can track which communities we are reach and to send out fliers and information for future conferences.
  • Student School - So we can track which schools we are reaching.
  • Student Grade - So we can track which grade levels we are attracting.
  • Student Workshop Choices - Have 3 in mind, along with alternates incase the workshop you wanted is actually full.
  • Student T-Shirt Size - So we can order your child a FREE T-Shirt!
  • Parent Contact Information - So we can contact you regarding the event if anything changes.

Important Dates to Remember


Registration Opens!


Last Day to Register - EXTENDED!


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